Founder Profile

Mr. Nagesh Jadhav

Mr. Nagesh is a well recognized face in pune music circles. He has 14 plus year’s of experience in teaching music. He believes in holistic approach of teaching. He believes that learning music is a very individual kind of thing and hence every body has different learning styles – a teacher should give individual attention to students and should modify the teaching style as per student needs.

He has taken guidance of classical music from Mr. Pandit Mukund Marathe.
He has worked in numerous marathi films and tele serials but teaching music remains his primary interest.

His uniqueness is the fact that he has very vast first hand experience of teaching music to all age group, from kinder garden kids to senior citizens. He has worked with various schools in Pune as he believes that the institution of school is best place to inculcate nuances of music in students. He has shrewdly used his vast experience to device newer techniques to teach music. He designs the syllabus himself and customize it as per the ability of the students.